RPA Consultancy

One of the most crucial steps in making your business digitally active is to analyze different business processes for the successful implementation of RPA. This service helps clients to identify and understand which business process or application require Robot process automation.

RPA consultancy covers

  • Process assessment
  • Feasibility study report
  • Effort and benefit estimation
  • Scope & compatibility
  • Onsite or off-site training and assistance
  • End-to-end process automation

RPA Business-case Recommendations

We offer suggestions and recommendations based on your existing IT infrastructure and robotic business process automation requirement. Our expert advice not only helps you to speed up various processes but also provide you ways to reduce the overall operational cost.

RPA business-case recommendation includes:

  • Technology agnostic views & recommendations
  • High level as-is and to-be maps
  • Business Case Discovery
  • Cost & Effort Break-downs
  • Time-saving robotic software solutions
  • Quick Data transfer automation

RPA Automation

Our robotic process automation experts help you identify information-intensive processes that can be automated using intelligent automation or cognitive RPA. Our experts focus on designing customized automated processes that can handle the manual tasks efficiently and frees up your employees to take care of other creative tasks.

RPA Automation includes:

  • Monitor business processes closely
  • Design intervention models
  • Custom framework development
  • Major focus on quality, accuracy, and security
  • Web data extraction
  • ERP system automation

RPA Proof of Concept

Once the business areas are identified for RPA implementation, OnGraph’s RPA experts define the RPA objectives, come up with innovative ideas, develop internal RPA framework, avail suitable IT access rights for the BOTs, and deliver proof of concept. We ensure that RPA proof of concept delivers value to your business.

RPA Proof of Concept includes:

  • Pilot project execution
  • Shortlist POC process
  • Reference architecture
  • Identify suitable RPA platform
  • Design custom robotic software
  • Drive a pilot project anytime

RPA Implementation

Whether you need a fully automated RPA system or human-guided automation, OnGraph has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the RPA implementation process and developing advanced, robust, and flexible robots. These robots use well-coded software reconciliations to transform your complex business workflows into easy to use documents.

RPA Implementation includes:

  • Solution Design Documents (SDD)
  • Configuration & UAT
  • BOTs design, testing, and deployment
  • Release notes
  • Process Definition Documents (PDD)
  • FTP for download and backup

RPA Support

Although RPA robots are designed in a way that they are capable of handling their own issues and seldom require human interventions, there is always space to further improve the technology, concept, and the ideation. At OnGraph, our experts offer unique services such as bot operations analysis and their maintenance to eliminate the bottlenecks.

RPA Support includes:

  • Infrastructure, governance, and security
  • Set-up RPA center of excellence
  • Change management
  • Process improvement & optimization
  • Regular Monitoring of server and application
  • 24x7 RPA support services