How to Design a Successful Abandoned Cart Email Strategy?

So, let’s assume that you are running a successful shopify store, have figured out inventory, got a good amount of traffic, and your customers are talking about your products. Now, do you think that you have covered all the bases? Well, it is not necessary. Even after all this, you still might be experiencing a huge number of lost sales, majorly through abandoned carts. 

As an e-commerce store owner, you put a lot of money, effort, and time into driving traffic to your site. When a user visits your site, you want to do everything in your control to make sure that the shopper completes a purchase. 

Unfortunately, research shows that about 70% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts online. That’s not great news, for sure!

However, the good news is that using automated abandoned cart emails is a powerful and effective way to bring back lost shoppers and encourage them to complete their purchase. 

Research has shown that about 10% or even more users come back through abandoned cart emails and complete the purchase. All you have to do is set up an automated series of abandoned cart recovery emails once and get results, without any extra efforts on your part!

But, What makes an abandoned cart recovery email strategy work?

The open rate of an average e-commerce email is around 15%. Whereas, abandoned cart emails boast nearly a 45% open rate. 

For online retailers, abandoned carts are some of the most painful things. Seven out of ten online shoppers who add a product to their cart leave the store without buying. Unfortunately, this number has slowly been increasing in recent years. 

By implementing a meaningful email series, you can effectively and easily start recovering abandoned carts and see your sales grow. 

This includes organizing cart recovery campaigns actively, sending abandoned cart emails so as to retain customers, re-engage with these customers and encourage them to continue with their purchases.

It’s astonishingly effective as a sales growth tactic. As per SaleCycle, about half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and more than a third of clicks result in purchases on the site. Know that customers often leave the products in their carts for reasons such as the payment process was too complicated, the website crashed, or the delivery charges were too high.

Abandoned cart email strategy will help you recover this lost revenue and eventually convert more of those users that your website is attracting. 

Now, What is an Abandoned Cart Email?

The main aim of the abandoned cart email is to show up the products in the cart and encourage the site visitor to complete his or her purchase.

It is basically a follow-up email which is sent to an online visitor who has left products in their cart by getting through a part of the checkout and then exited from the site without placing an order.

Some reports suggest that the majority of ecommerce sites have an abandoned cart rate of about 15%.

Abandoned cart emails strategy work to remind customers of the products they have left in the cart- enticing them to visit again to complete their purchase. 

If you even do the basics well, you would start witnessing your revenue going up, the overall profitability as well as the ROI of your advertising expenditure tick up. 

You can reinvest this additional profit in other parts of your business. 

Here, we will dive deeper into one of the most effective ways to recover your lost customers after they abandon their shopping carts – an abandoned cart campaign powered by email marketing. We will also discuss some of the email marketing strategies you should implement for maximum returns. 

5 Top Strategies to Help You Improve Your Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate 

When building an abandoned cart strategy, the very first thing to consider is that you definitely want to send multiple emails. 

Online store customers who receive multiple abandoned cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the order in comparison to those who just receive one follow up email. While the customers who receive multiple abandoned cart emails show a multiple transaction rate, 44% higher in comparison to those who didn’t. 

For these very reasons, abandoned cart email automation sequence has been the most effective and profitable strategy for Shopify store owners. This gives a huge opportunity to the Shopify stores that implement automation based sales and marketing activities. Abandoned cart automation sequence when done properly can turn out to be a major driving factor to recover lost sales for Shopify store owners.

A shopify clothing store owner used 3automation to implement the abandoned cart email sequence and experienced as much as 6 times more conversions.

Emails for Abandoned cart recovery are easy to craft, and go a great extent to bring back hesitant customers. Here are some of the things to keep into consideration while running your abandoned cart email campaign for maximum recovery rate…

Know why your customers left without buying your products

Your customers might not have planned to abandon the cart at all. In fact a lot of times customers abandon carts during the checkout process. According to Baymard Institute, about 60% of carts abandoned during checkout are due to extra high costs i.e. shipping, tax or fee etc.

Creating an account before checkout and long or complicated checkout process were found to be the other two major reasons for cart abandonment during the checkout.  So it is important to look at these reasons as improving your website for a quick and more convenient checkout and optimized shopping rates for your customers can have a huge impact on sales. Saving their cart, displaying the products that they have planned to buy, and sending the saved cart to them with a link is the most effective as well as the easiest way to get back those customers.

Select the right number of messages to send 

 A common challenge for online store marketers is to decide the right number of emails to send so as to maximize sales without annoying the subscribers as well. So, to quantify the ideal number of abandoned cart emails you should send, check out the averages for open rates, revenue per recipient (RPR), click-through rates and total revenue across 2-3 months time period based on the total number of emails in your abandoned cart series. E-commerce stores who send series with two or three abandoned cart emails make the most amount of revenue, and their click-through rates and open rates remain very strong.  Single email series on the other hand are usually sent right after someone has left a product in their cart, and timeliness enhances performance. However, this might lead you to lose money. 

Craft a well-created subject line 

About 64% of the people decide if they want to open an email by looking at the subject line. Do you want to stand alone in a crowd of emails in someone’s fully-packed inbox? Then it is important for you to create your message instantly clear and easy-to-understand. So, below is all information that is required by you to include in your abandoned cart email subject line:

  • Name of the Company to let them know who is contacting them
  • Name of the Customer as email personalization is a thing
  • Name of the product or details to remind them what exactly they left in their cart
  • A sense of urgency to show they might lose the products in their cart
  • Friendly tone 
  • Simplicity as the decision to open your email takes only seconds

Here are some of the examples of abandoned cart email subject lines:

  • Finch, did you forget about me?
  • We’ve saved your cart, Finch
  • Your cart is wondering about your where-abouts, Finch
  • Is your wi-fi working fine?
  • Your blue shoe is waiting (with a deal)

The thing which is common on all these subject lines is that they are not demanding anything of you and are just simply checking in. 

Offer a coupon or discount

There is a majority of the customer base who abandon their carts because the final price turned out to be what they had not expected. 

While estimating the total price that has to be paid, people generally add up the prices of each product they add to the cart without thinking about taxes or shipping. 

So, a simple way to recover the lost customers due to the final price issue is to add a coupon.

When you offer a discount or coupon, you assume that people would jump at the opportunity and yes you are right also!

Let’s look at some of the different types of discounts you can include in your abandoned cart email:

  • Percentage based discount: This one, though the most popular discount, is the lowest performer in both open rate as well as revenue per recipient.  
  • Dollar-based discount: This one is the highest performing discount having the second highest open rate and the highest revenue per recipient.
  • Free shipping discount: Shipping costs are considered as the most prominent reason for customers to abandon a cart. Thus, providing free shipping leads to a high open rate and an even higher click rate.


Enhancing your abandoned cart recovery is a gradual process that comprises many smaller steps. So, if you are also planning to work on your Shopify abandoned cart email strategy, then this blog would help you to take one step forward in reaching your goal. If you need expert assistance on the same, then just connect with us over an email. Our team will respond back to you very shortly.

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