5 Proven Strategies to Get More Shopify Traffic

“What shall I do in order to drive more traffic to my online store?” 

At some point or the other, this thought crosses the mind of every online retailer.

As of 2020, there are over 12 million ecommerce stores. With the ongoing increase in the number day by day, driving traffic to your online store becomes more of a challenge with each passing day. 

One of the major reasons behind this huge number of online stores is – Shopify. This platform makes the process of setting up an online shop smooth and easy. This has encouraged a huge number of sellers to use the platform. This increased competition has proven to be extremely difficult for some retailers as many stores are getting less amounts of visitors. Minimal traffic implies minimal Shopify sales. 

Well, launching your brand new ecommerce store on Shopify is definitely a big achievement. However, even with having a large range of quality products, your Shopify sales may not pick up

If this is the case with you, then have a look at your organic traffic and you may find out that it is inevitably low. So, you might want to know the ways to resolve this issue of not generating enough traffic. 

According to a report by Smartinsights, for every 100 visitors of these online stores, less than 3 people actually made a purchase. 

If this is true for the top performing e-commerce companies, then small businesses on Shopify need to be althemore active in bringing more visitors to their store and creating opportunities to drive Shopify sales. 

Whether you are trying to attract your very first customer or your 1,000th customer, one of the most crucial aspects of growing your online business is to generate more traffic to your store. If your website is optimized properly for conversions, then getting a spike in traffic could indicate more customers and thus more Shopify sales. 

Here we are going to share with you some of the tried and tested ways to drive more organic traffic to your website and eventually boost Shopify sales. 

To help you increase traffic for your ecommerce store, we have compiled a list of five proven high impact strategies for driving more traffic to your online store. 

5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Shopify Store Traffic 

The key to bring your potential customers to your online store is to get your website in front of them. The more exposure your website gets, whether through search engines or through social media, the more boost your online site traffic will get. 

Let’s have a look at ways to increase your organic traffic online, and thus, boost your Shopify sales. 

#1 Optimization of Your Online Store For Search Engine Traffic

Ask yourself this question, “Can my customers actually find my store online?”

When customers search for your products online, you would want your Shopify store to be one of the top results for that particular search. This treasured top position is a key ingredient for producing qualified and sustained website traffic for your online store. 

The more discoverable your store is in the search results, the more traffic your online store will receive. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of tuning up your website so as to increase its chances of ranking high for relevant keywords in search results.

Before your potential customers realize the existence of your online store, they probably will do some research on their preferable search engines. Google AdWords provides an effective and popular way to reach your targeted traffic as they allow you to bring your website directly in front of the people searching for products like yours. 

However if you are not interested in pay-per-click advertising and prefer to bring your website in front of your target audience without paying anything, then you can do so with SEO. Search Engine Optimization makes your online store more discoverable to the search engines. 

There are a number of ways to do this, and most of these start with understanding what exactly your target audience is searching for.

Keywords are the search terms that people use to find the products they are looking for on popular search engines and these are what will guide you with your search engine optimization. 

Most importantly, if you understand what actually your target audience is searching for, then you can develop the perfect content to draw them to your online store. 

In order to understand what they are searching for, you need to start with in-depth keyword research. Once you accumulate a list of relevant keywords for both your product and your niche market, then you can start using them all throughout your website. 

The best places where you can use keywords are as follows:

  • Product Titles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Alt Tags on Images
  • Any Additional Content

Using the keywords strategically in the above mentioned areas significantly increases the possibility of your online store being seen in the pages of search engine results. 

#2 Social Media Ad Campaigns 

If you want to increase the traffic to your online store, it is important for you to get your business in front of the right customers. You can set up pages on leading social media platforms like Fcebook, Instagram and twitter and link these to your Shopify store as sales channels. Spread brand awareness by posting about your products and collections on these social media channels. You can also create highly targeted social media ad campaigns to reach potential customers on these channels who are most likely to click through the products and land on your store to make a purchase.

Below are some of the platforms you should consider when planning your social media marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

#3 Content Marketing

By crafting informative, engaging, and interesting content, you can attract ideal customers to your online store. From guides and ebooks to videos and podcasts, there are infinite opportunities for your business to spread out into the world of content and thus capture new audiences. 

The content strategy of your business can include anything that your customers might find interesting or relevant. Just do not limit yourself to guides and posts that focus on your products. Rather, you can consider resources and topics which are related to your business and useful to your customers. Content marketing also helps you to conquer search results beyond brand and product keywords. It provides you with opportunities to rank in search results and thus get in front of a larger audience. 

#4 Email Marketing

Email marketing serves a great way to keep your current as well as prospective clients engaged. Sending relevant messages and promotional offers at optimised intervals can not only build brand awareness and increase store traffic but also fosters brand loyalty in existing customers. More than 205 billion emails are being sent and received by individuals each day. This is why email marketing is such an outstanding means to generate traffic. You can get your customers to return to your online store by sending them compelling messages. 

Below are some of the proven email marketing ideas to increase Shopify Sales and Traffic:

  • Running Promotions and Giveaways
  • Rewards and Loyalty Points
  • In-Store Events and Announcements

The right email marketing strategy that keeps your audience engaged without being intrusive will help you move forward swiftly and will bring traffic to your Shopify store that’s 10 times more likely to convert.

Tools like 3automation help you achieve exactly this with email automation. This will save you time and effort and would lead to more sales. 

#5 Consider Influencer Marketing 

9 out of 10 people trust online reviews just equally as they would trust a recommendation from a friend. It should come as no surprise that influencer marketing today is one of the most successful marketing innovations. Tapping into this is an amazing way to drive much traffic to your Shopify store. 

The potential of influencers lies entirely in the community they have built. When you choose the right influencer, you can gain access to thousands of loyal fans as well as potential customers. You can also create a strong word-of-mouth campaign by choosing enough influencers which will boost your Shopify traffic exponentially. 

Wrapping Up:

With all these tactics, you should now be able to generate more traffic to your online store. And, more traffic means more opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers. If you want to know how you can do this, connect with us today and our team will reach out to you quickly. 

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